Please note that the LEADER programme has not yet opened for applications. Meanwhile, if you would like to discuss future LEADER funding please contact one of our Development Officers (Contact Us Page).


If you have a project in mind and are looking for LEADER funding, you can also submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) at this stage, further details are listed below;


Argyll and the Islands LEADER 2014 – 2020


The overall aim of the Argyll and the Islands LEADER Local Development Strategy is to:

“Support community-led economic growth and sustainable rural development
within the Argyll and the Islands LAG area.”

We this aim in mind the following programme objectives were identified;

  • halting and reversing the declining population;
  • supporting and developing a stronger local economy;
  • broadening the scope of economic activity at a local level;
  • creating long-term sustainable employment particularly in those areas identified as having a fragile economic base; and
  • building on our unique natural and cultural heritage.

We will seek to address these objectives with the following three themes:

  1. Strengthening the rural economy by maximising the sustainable use of our natural, cultural and heritage resources as an economic driver.
  2. Enhancing the services and facilities in the Argyll and the Islands area to attract individuals, families, visitors and investors to grow and maintain economically viable communities.
  3. Small Business Support including Farm Diversification


Stage 1: Expression of Interest (EOI)

At the moment we are inviting EOIs under themes 1 and 2 as above. Theme 3, will be open for EOIs in the near future. The first stage in the application process is to submit an EOI. This will allow you to make initial contact with the LEADER Team, providing them with basic details about your project. 

You can submit an EOI through the Scottish Rural Network page:


Once your form has been received, you will be contacted by a Development Officer, who will let you know whether your project is eligible to progress to application stage as soon as it becomes available.