Arran Rivers Fish and Habitat Survey

Managed by: Argyll Fisheries Trust
Contact: Jane Wright
Telephone: 01436 842312

The project is to undertake baseline surveys of 14 river catchments on the Isle of Arran over a two year period to assess the status of wild fish populations and their habitat status. The survey will also identify factors that may be affecting aquatic biodiversity and productivity and will raise awareness at local and national management levels, allowing a better understanding of aquatic issues by a wide range of resource users and stakeholders and help define restoration requirements. Information on the distribution and abundance of fish will be collected by a three person electro-fishing team. Other life history and genetic information will be collected during the survey to maximise the benefits of this aspect of the project. Surveys will identify factors affecting productivity and project reports will include broad recommendations for remedial activities at a local and regional level. The findings of the surveys and management advice will be presented to local stakeholders at public meetings. During the project, the Trust will provide the opportunity for 12 persons (or more if required) to participate in the surveys and receive tuition in trout and salmon biology and their habitat requirements.

Financial Breakdown

Total Project Costs37036
Total Eligible Costs37036100
LEADER4629 12
Public Match Funding18518 50
Private Match Funding13887 37
In Kind Match Funding0 0